A Generic Reaction to Opinionated Toil

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I think that anyone who likes [X] is [-Y]—

Let me stop you there.

The time when this would have had any real impact on me would probably have been between the ages of four and nine, which means that your complaint is roughly four decades stale. You may deem it fresh, but the funny thing about growing older is that the higher-pitched noises just don't seem to have as much impact as they once did.I believe a principle is in effect here, similar to how older folk can spoil their grandchildren because they cannot hear the whining.

Doubtless you expected to be previously informed, but for the rest of us, it was rather obvious as a given for someone pushing fifty.

Regettably, I lack the energy required to grant you any significant attention for your complaint, but if you like, you may continue to believe my continued and future participation is a blight upon your hobby.

Carry on.