About This

Respite: 2019 was a bad year, but I started this project then and going forward, it appears to be needed in 2020, too. We would like to affirm that inclusivity is the default in our hobby, and, of course, Black Lives Matter and trans rights are human rights.

I like games. Mostly tabletop, RPGs (hence Original Roleplaying Concepts), but I also dig some video games (albeit to a much lesser degree). I've been fascinated by tabletop RPGs ever since I was initially introduced to them in 1984 or 85 (especially those I was initially introduced to — Dungeons & Dragons, Star Frontiers, and others).

Alas, being a Navy brat, I had little time to actually partake in them, and few friends (both items which are required to make roleplaying sessions work). But I'm getting a little older now, and becoming more aware of how transient life is and I've decided to commit to actually partaking in the hobby. No one probably needed another gaming website, but I made this for folk I know more than anything else, and much of it at a point where we will see where it carries us.

There are aspects of this site which are hidden from anonymous access—and none of this will ever be used to gather and sell data to advertisers. There's so much pressure to monetize our hobbies that they cease to become hobbies—they become work—and I prefer to not let that happen. I'm not going to pretend I don't need money, but I can sell some art or put up a donation page. For now, this place remains a work in progress, with roots running more deeply for members than for the public, but I do intend on hosting a lot of publicly-accessible content here.

As of this writing, the site is about making its own infrastructure first. Designing the overall look will come later. (If at all. I may decide to not bother. Much is unsettled at this time.)

Inquiries may be made here

For now, look around and enjoy. There may not be much yet. That will change.