The Texas Triffid Ranch

Have a Great Weekend

And for this weekend, a little round from one of the best blues musicians Dallas has ever produced. Not familiar with the one and only Cricket Taylor? Well, that needs to be rectified. Copy

Have a Great Weekend

By the time you see this, I’ll be setting up my booth at the Arlington Convention Center for the spring NARBC reptile and amphibian show (now with carnivorous plants to go with the chameleons, axolotls, and various invertebrates), and this … Continue reading →

Enclosures: “Lifehutch” (2020)

Out of all of the known examples of elder civilization technology currently catalogued, none is more helpful, more lifesaving, or more exasperating than the Lifehutches. Lifehutches have been found under nearly every environment known: asteroids where escape velocity is a … Continue reading →

Enclosures: “Hans-Ruedi” (2016)

One of the largest enclosures constructed at the Valley View gallery, Hans-Ruedi is a compromise situation involving a mature Nepenthes bicalcarata with new growth from its roots. In order to encourage new growth, the parent plant had to be trimmed … Continue reading →

Enclosures: “Arellarti” (2017)

The commission had three parameters: firstly, the enclosure had to incorporate a hexagon aquarium, generally unavailable since the early 1990s. Secondly, the enclosure centerpiece was to be a Nepenthes “Bloody Mary” hybrid. Thirdly, the original request was to make “something … Continue reading →

Enclosures: “Motivator” (2017)

Description:Nepenthes bicalcarata, the famed “fanged pitcher plant,” is best known for the two fang-like structures (officially known as nectaries) projecting from underneath each pitcher’s lid. Such a dangerous-appearing organism requires a comparable support mechanism watching over it, but is it … Continue reading →

Have a Great Weekend

If you haven’t made plans for next weekend’s NARBC reptile and amphibian show at the Arlington Convention Center, look into buying tickets: the Triffid Ranch makes its first appearance in nearly seven years. In the interim, it’s time to get … Continue reading →

Enclosures: "Blink Clunk" (2020)

Blink clunk. Every daybreak started the same way. Blink clunk. As soon as the first direct rays of the sun hit its upper receptors, the little proximity sensor took in its surroundings in visible light, infrared, ultraviolet, sonar, and gamma … Continue reading →

Enclosures: “Virgil” (2020)

In the annals of human-developed artificial intelligence, Virgil shouldn’t have succeeded. Originally developed in the mid-Twenty-First Century, Virgil was the Euclidean ideal of software development of the time: proposed by senior managers who could barely spell “computer,” given parameters by … Continue reading →

Leap Day Event Update

February and March are already going to be packed with events, but for those wanting to come out to the gallery, please take note that we’re hosting a special Leap Day open house on February 29. Art, jewelry, carnivorous plants, … Continue reading →

Have a Great Weekend

Getting the gallery ready for tomorrow’s Chinese New Year gallery open house, finishing up the latest newsletter, and getting started with preparations for the big NARBC reptile show in Arlington on Valentine’s Day weekend…to quote Matt Howarth, it may stop, … Continue reading →

Interlude: A Matter of Conversions

Thesis: Just over two decades after Apple changed computer design forever with the first iMac, the technology inside is best described as “quaint”. In 1998, the decision to be the first personal computer to jettison the floppy disk drive was … Continue reading →