Have a Great Weekend

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New year, new decade, and now new show: this weekend, the Triffid Ranch sets up in Grapevine, Texas for the first Repticon Dallas show of the year. See you there. And the year

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So, got some time in the shop today, worked on horses until I broke off two tails in a row. got them pinned and set in jb weld, so that ended work for the day. :( no matter. I took some pics to show off some of my xmas gifts... the comic book flat knights were a lucky find; Kent Sprecher of Toy Soldiers HQ had them cheap on ebay. they aren't perfect or even a full set, but it does include most poses, and also one Revolutionary war figure and two Romans...

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I've got my eye on this; TSR's Tricolor. the Auction's begin price is amazing, so is the shipping; but in 6 days? usually these old TSR wargame rulebooks go for 70-100 bucks and more sometimes. why? no. idea. they are just old school rules, which normally run 20-40 from any other publisher, but it's got TSR slapped on it, so D&D nerds (innocent whistle) pay stupid money I guess. still, I want them if I can get them. and if I can get them, I want to scan them and upload the pdf for other nerdy TSR lovers to have a chance to see what the rich kids play with.


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