Have a Great Weekend

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For Paul Mears, who has had to put up with me for 40 years as of tomorrow and hasn’t buried me in an unmarked grave…yet.
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Plastic #toy #chinasaur figure (circa 1970s) which may have inspired the D&D #Owlbear monster on early gaming tables set by Gygax et al.

Made in Hong Kong. (Like all of these, my own specimen.)​

Chinasaur Owlbear
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The ugly, ugly Neo-Otyugh, a D&D monster #toy from LJN toys. Bit of a bendy, actually, with wire embedded in the plastic for some posability (until the wire breaks).

I’m … fond of it. I suppose. It does look like it gives nice hugs.

LJN Toys Neo-Otyugh
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This is the really deadly (and really ugly) #Grell, another LJN-made D&D monster bendable #toy which likely got little to no respect in the early 1980s.

There’s a lot going for it. Brains, tentacles, and … a beak. The Fiend Folio creature has these features, but the accompanying illustration is better than the effect here, which is sort of brains-on-a-cracker with green extremities.

LJN Toys Grell


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