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Model kits as mold making masters, new additions to the ornrian imagi-nations armies are motorbike, side car (staff courriers) gulash-cannon (soup wagon), two tankettes, two field guns, armored car, two big tanks. Infantry, pilots, and machine gunners, fuel truck, and a staff car for the successful generals.

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So, a thing I'd never really put together before is that Kenner's Scout Walker is  *NOT* the ROTJ scout walkers that fought the ewoks...but is instead closely modeled after the ESB one-off "joke" scout walker, with the proportions horribly "Kenner-ed".  there are a lot of photos around now of the original ESB prop, and you can see how the first Kenner walkers shipped with the markings for that Hoth version. 

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Something tangential to this site's public purpose (but within the bounds of its ultimate purpose) is this artifact from my childhood, from a time when I lived on the east coast and is one of the things that have made me always love Halloween.

This book followed us throught my childhood, in our travels it was always just part of the Halloween decorations, but I always had a great fondness for it, and would often set it aside from the decorations being packed away so it could reside on a bookshelf, handy for perusal. Nobody in the family objected.

Things That Go Bump in the Night-cover
The Hagge's Rough Clutch


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