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So these new "rubber" (soft plastic) figures from Elastowit do not have a website.  the guys doing them are using facebook only I gather.  but here's the catalog of pieces they can do.  If I understand aright, they don't keep much stock, instead casting more or less to order...  The have an orderform, it's a doxx file.  they are clearly not a "professional buisness" , but more like early times at TSR... a hobby buisness.


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the guy who had the Timmee license and molds has added at least some of BMCs product and a LOT of former Marx molds; the Gettysburg set is not being reissued soon, but they ARE bringing back the Yorktown playset..and keeping with the old timmee viet nam sets in multi colors, and the army women sets...

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yeah...I know a  few dogs that seem to think like this.



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