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How important is verisimilitude to a D&D scenario? Namely, a village, isolated and cursed. I’m feeling like normalcy of a certain sense is needed to sell an eerie atmosphere.

Still drafting a scenario in which there are a large number of characters which all must be distinct from one another.

It goes, but it goes slowly.

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Limited Run Games does physical copies of games typically released only digitally for a variety of consoles. Today, I have a few short notes about realMYST.

This is not a review. A review is journalism of a different sort; this is more of a personal retrospective

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another day comes to a close. Great news; Debs bladder tests today are negative for the big C. whew. other issues, but they are minor and not life threatening. got our errands done, drove all over the valley in the pouring rain, and it POURED today. I'm exhausted tonight. ran through all the headlines, pretty much no hopes of keeping the temp rise under the 1.5 now... so we're screwed. And I kinda liked the animals and plants all over the planet. amused myself somewhat today with my Nintendo Switch.


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