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Second of that short-lived, incomplete series once attempted (back in 24 October 2011, this time) of Monster Manual monsters in #watercolor: monsters of the alphabet. This is the #bulette (pronounced boo'lay).

B is for Bulette
Photo of a bulette D&D chinasaur
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Part of a short-lived (and incomplete) series I once attempted (back in 20 October 2011) of Monster Manual monsters in #watercolor: monsters of the alphabet. This is the larval form of the #Anhkheg from the 1977 book.

A is for Anhkheg watercolor

Migrating Game Restart to Orc.One

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It’s an ambigram. I’ve always wanted to design one for a logo, and this was an apt enough project for it. After consideration (and considerable effort), I’ve finished migrating as much of this blog as I can over to a relatively new project of mine. Game Restart will live there for the foreseeable future.

Have a Great Weekend

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Due to a death in the family, this Saturday’s Nightmare Weekend Before Christmas has been cancelled, but expect a full return to form on Saturday, December 7. If you’re really nice, I might even sing for the occasion:


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