allowances for being me

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recognize this?  I got a replacement coming for the one I gave away!

So it's the firstest of the menses and therefore my favorite time of the month, when I get my monthly mad money.  this is my budgeted spending dough for hobby stuffs.  games, books, toys, art supplies...whatever so long as it's inside the budget.   I ought to have used some for lead weights, for treat foods and beverages.  and saved some.  instead; I splurged on  D&D related cool stuff and "MY" book. 

    the novel in which I am forever remembered in canonical print as character in the Battletech Universe.  it ain't much of an achievement, but still, I love battletech, and am excited to find out what delightful, horrible, funny, or evil role the author Mr. Blaine Lee Purdoe has given to alter-ego me.

Thanks to ebay and google translate I discovered that papo is doing 54mm versions of thier fantasy/medieval sculpts, unpainted, in poly bags.  THAT is a must have.

and the True Hero's set?  scored one I could afford of those too!

and the ballista and catapult of Wm. Britains, Ltd. I scored for a 20 spot...with two artillerists servants. 

quite a good score this month on ebay, now the hard part, the pacing until they get here.