Dice from my Father

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Dice from Dad

Recently I had to go through and apportion which of my father's dice would go to a nephew—himself a gamer—and which I would keep. I opted for some of the oldest dice in Dad's old collection, and will be sharing images of many of them here as I get to it.

Dad didn't get into collecting dice of other shapes other than the most common variety—the six sider—but he made up for it in volume. In spite of this, growing up, we never really shared dice; Dad was not a gamer in any other sense beyond pinball or backgammon. The only exception was when I went away to college for the first time, and he had me select a pair of dice from his collection. I chose a couple of glass d6s—very small in size, and very old—which belonged together, and carried them around in my RPG dice bag for a long time.