Kinda Impressed

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with this Barzo Fort, similar to Ticonderoga and suitable for anything from Pirates to the war of 1812...or even the Civil War in some places...

It's a part of a  big lot of French and Indian/Queen Anne's/1812 collection, though it suffers I think from all the figures not being painted in the same style or at all...   still, that fort...  that desireable fort...  it really puts the old "Fort Liberty" from the Men of '76 line in the shade ...  Proper bastioned "star forts" are not common or easy to present in toy soldier scales... I've known of three; the one Shell Gasoline stations offered as the Men of '76 line as a promotional for the Bicentennial.  One that was made in the 90s in foam and sold through Toy Soldiers of San Diego...but that one's out of production and I doubt it had a run over 500 units...  and This Barzo one which is superior in every respect, highly collectable, and well out of any hope of ever being in my collection...  I'll probably, if ever I do a fort like this, do a small one in styrofoam and sticks from the yard.

but still...what a toy; Picture 1 of 12