out in the shop today...owies

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Spent some quality time in the workstudio, second half of two new molds; one for the British Independant tank, and one for the field kitchen (gulash cannon), with some turrets.  then I hollowed out the bottoms of two 3d print tanks for mold making (hollowed out reduces the metal they require by nearly half),  suddenly a great crack echoed from somewhere under my butt, and next I knew I was thrown to the ground.  the swivel chair I was sitting in gave up the ghost (it was out there because it was on its way to the dump anyhow), I'm OK, just kinda bruised up, more surprised than anything, adrenalin rush!  scared poor Dutchess, who was keeping me company, frightened her so badly she jumped into the ashtray Deb uses out there and scattered butts and ashes everywhere.  Well, that wraps up todays studio time, now I think I'm going to relax with some Naproxin and my copy of "Crucible of War" a very insightful history of the French and Indian war (or how Governor Dinwiddie of Virginia, and George Washington, dragged the world into a global war so they could make a bank speculating in land across the Alleghenies).