The Unique Odor of Enamels When Applied to White Metal

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Dotted Knight
Dotted Knight
Clubbed Knight
Raptor Knight
Raptor Knight
Flower Knight

These photos of painted metal-cast toy knights have a story.

12 December 2010:

Recently*, I painted some solid-cast lead toy soldiers and knights for a friend to sell in a craft show. 
 I really miss working with enamels. And how cool is it to help make toys, especially in a December?

That would be Brianne. This moment in 2010 was a rare moment where I was able to paint a little.

In 1990, I was awarded ribbons for metal miniature painting in Silla Con 3, but I never kept up on the hobby after that. I think about that night on a wintry, snowy December a lot, because in spite of a migraine, I had a blast painting these small, but heavy in metal, figures.

It is … time consuming. The practice has long left me, but there's never been a better time to relearn painting small characters and monsters for table-top.

* Probably the night of Friday, the 10th of December.