Ian Livingstone

It's perhaps about time I talked about this book, written by Ian Livingstone with illustrations by Russ Nicholson, which was published originally in 1982, but didn't cross my path until '86 or '87. It also might have been redundant, given that I was already familiar with role-playing games, but this was bought during a period of my life when information was a lot harder to find than it is now, and I was really intrigued by the fact that here was an entire book on the topic.

Dicing with Dragons book front cover
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I picked this book (the edition seen here) in late 1986 or early 1987 from a Stars and Stripes bookstore in Japan. Doing some casual research on the book turned up a free to read copy at archive.org: https://archive.org/details/dicingwithdragon00ianl

I'm undecided about writing about this book. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I was mad for fantasy work, and the paperback was getting a bit of traction already for role-playing games.

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