Lucky Toys, also sometimes Helen of Toy, sold...

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Lucky Toys, also sometimes Helen of Toy, sold cheap toys in the back of Comic Books. They were a small two man operation with a PO box, and moved the address around a lot. But they made an investment in art; hiring a great comic book artist to illustrate their advertisements. The, sadly now Late, "Uncle" Thor Sheil wrote a nice page about them on his site; a word on "uncle" Thor. His Armymen Homepage was my re-introduction to the miniature figure hobby, I'd begun to wargame with plastic armymen from the dollar store, when I stumbled onto his website in the late 90s. orginally he operated a small forum of collectors, it soon moved to Yahoo Groups, where it was a delight, and gained many more followers, the crowd of mainly older gentlemen reminiscing over the toys of youth were kind, considerate, and glad to be of service to one another. Really sterling people, with a rule of No Politics, No Religion on the page, that has for 20 years, stood the test, and kept the page a great fun place. It migrated from Yahoo to Facebook about 9 or so years ago, but it's still there, and it's a font of miniature figure knowledge.