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D&D Chronologically Reading through all of TSR's D&D products is the sort of #link that's ideal for someone who might like to read/collect the stuff they cover—but who by lack of means or access, just isn't going to be able to do so.

There's also the issue of my not being an ideal archivist of materials like this. I'm not a historian, and I just don't have the space to safely store this sort of stuff.

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Lucky Toys, also sometimes Helen of Toy, sold cheap toys in the back of Comic Books. They were a small two man operation with a PO box, and moved the address around a lot. But they made an investment in art; hiring a great comic book artist to illustrate their advertisements. The, sadly now Late, "Uncle" Thor Sheil wrote a nice page about them on his site; a word on "uncle" Thor.


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