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D&D Chronologically Reading through all of TSR's D&D products is the sort of #link that's ideal for someone who might like to read/collect the stuff they cover—but who by lack of means or access, just isn't going to be able to do so.

There's also the issue of my not being an ideal archivist of materials like this. I'm not a historian, and I just don't have the space to safely store this sort of stuff. http://www.dndchronologically.com

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Art like this reminds me why I really love Erol Otus' work. It's iconic, graphic, and I've always loved the colorful and cartoonlike approach to his fantasy art.

Pure, quintessential of a lot of 1970s and early 1980s fantasy art. (Scanned from the “Days of the Dragon” calendar for 1982.)

Erol Otus Blue Dragon 1981(From the Year of Dragon 1982 Calendar)
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Previously on Game Restart: [it’s a series]

The thing about arcades is that arcades are expensive

Adjusted for inflation, a quarter in early 80s money is approximately 63¢ in today’s money at the time of this writing. Most people probably aren’t used to spending money after the initial investment in the console and then the game for their home, but imagine spending that for every three tries, lives, or continues.

Moldvay D&D Basic Rules
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We didn’t have much money. I understand that now, though I didn’t understand it then. 

This meant toys of an electronic nature—especially in the 1970s—were rare, and although I still recall we had a lot of toys, even limited lots of toys like Lego, Micronauts, and some Star Wars figures and (hand-made) vehicles, electrical devices were rare.

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