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Art like this reminds me why I really love Erol Otus' work. It's iconic, graphic, and I've always loved the colorful and cartoonlike approach to his fantasy art.

Pure, quintessential of a lot of 1970s and early 1980s fantasy art. (Scanned from the “Days of the Dragon” calendar for 1982.)

Erol Otus Blue Dragon 1981(From the Year of Dragon 1982 Calendar)
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After a number of years (seven, apparently)—and thanks to an ideal subject prompt requested from Grackleflint—I finally got around to doing the sixth letter of the monster alphabet. #watercolor

Not great, maybe, but … I've been away.

F is for Flumph
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Plastic #toy #chinasaur figure (circa 1970s) which may have inspired the D&D #Owlbear monster on early gaming tables set by Gygax et al.

Made in Hong Kong. (Like all of these, my own specimen.)​

Chinasaur Owlbear


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