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After a number of years (seven, apparently)—and thanks to an ideal subject prompt requested from Grackleflint—I finally got around to doing the sixth letter of the monster alphabet. #watercolor

Not great, maybe, but … I've been away.

F is for Flumph
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A new #watercolor for a new year. Forests have been on my mind a lot this year. (I’m considering scenarios which hinge on the issue of a civilization which destroys forests is likely doomed—like in the real world.)

Forest Encounter watercolor
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A speed painting for March 18, 2013:

G is for Glaug Zentradi Battle Pod (aka Marauder in Battletech, but that doesn’t begin with G).

The pilot is a Micronauts Time Traveler, for which I am unapologetic.


Glaug Zentradi Battle Pod


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