New Year, New Characters 31 Day Character Creation Challenge, Days 1-6

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Moldvay D&D Basic Rules

As a distraction from recent events, I've elected to participate in this minor challenge to create new characters—one for each day of January—released a few days at a time. For the past six days, I did these characters for Dungeons & Dragons, Basic Edition (Moldvay, 1980).

I rolled 4d6 for stats (discarding the lowest die), but 3d6 (times ten) for determining gold pieces.

January 1st:

Norpirt, the hapless thief
   Stat Score Equipment
Strength 10 Thieves' Tools
Intelligence 6 Dagger
Wisdom 10 Short Sword
Dexterity 16 Small Sack
Constitution 16 Large Sack
Charisma 14 Backpack
Hit Points 5 Leather Armor
Gold Pieces (remaining) 90 (27)  


January 2nd:

Fia, the Mage
Stat Score Equipment
Strength 10 Backpack
Intelligence 15 Steel Mirror
Wisdom 9 Dagger
Dexterity 11 Silver Dagger
Constitution 14 Wolfsbane
Charisma 14 Tinder Box
Hit Points 4 Flask of Oil
Gold Pieces (remaining) 140 (81)  

January 3rd:

Orrovan, the cleric​
Stat Score Equipment
Strength 11 Holy Symbol
Intelligence 11 Backpack
Wisdom 12 Mace
Dexterity 11 Chain Mail
Constitution 13  
Charisma 15  
Hit Points 6  
Gold Pieces (remaining) 70 (18)  

January 4th:

Orothea, the fighter
Stat Score Equipment
Strength 15 Plate Mail
Intelligence 15 Sword
Wisdom 11  
Dexterity 15  
Constitution 10  
Charisma 10  
Hit Points 4  
Gold Pieces (remaining) 70 (0)  

January 5th:

Dexter, the Sinister thief​
Stat Score Equipment
Strength 13 Thieves' Tools
Intelligence 11 Backpack
Wisdom 10 Daggers (2)
Dexterity 16 Leather Armor
Constitution 17  
Charisma 15  
Hit Points 5  
Gold Pieces (remaining) 100 (44)  


January 6th:

Egzedera, the wise cleric​
Stat Score Equipment
Strength 12 Holy Symbol
Intelligence 13 Backpack
Wisdom 17 Mace
Dexterity 17 Plate Mail Armor
Constitution 8  
Charisma 10  
Hit Points 5  
Gold Pieces (remaining) 150 (78)