New Year, New Characters 31 Day Character Creation Challenge, Days 7-10

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Star Frontiers, role-playing game

As a distraction from recent events, I've elected to participate in this minor challenge to create new characters—one for each day of January—released a few days at a time. For days seven through 10, I did these characters for Star Frontiers (Cook, TSR Hobbies, et al., 1982), one for each of the four playable character species (human, dralasite, vrusk and yazirian).


After that life intervened, and I was unable to follow-through for days 11-15; I mark myself as unable to complete the challenge this year. Maybe next year things will be a little more encouraging.

I rolled d100 for stats and consulted the table on page 4 of the Expanded Game Rules.

January 7th:

Aarailliaor, Yazirian
   Stat Score Other
Strength/Stamina 30/30 Battle Rage: 5%
Dexterity/Reaction Speed 45/45 Gliding
Intuition/Logic 40/40 Night Vision
Personality/Leadership 45/45  
Walking 10 m 258 Credits
Running 30 m  
Kph 4 Initiative Modifier: 5
Current STA 30  


January 8th:

Mvobirrik, Dralasite
   Stat Score Other
Strength/Stamina 55/55 Detect Lies: 5%
Dexterity/Reaction Speed 35/35 Elasticity
Intuition/Logic 45/45  
Personality/Leadership 40/40  
Walking 5 m 275 Credits
Running 20 m  
Kph 3 Initiative Modifier: 4
Current STA 55  


January 9th:

Glkt'thkt, Vrusk
   Stat Score Other
Strength/Stamina 40/40 Comprehension: 15%
Dexterity/Reaction Speed 50/50 Ambidexterity
Intuition/Logic 50/50  
Personality/Leadership 45/45  
Walking 15 m 251 Credits
Running 35 m  
Kph 6 Initiative Modifier: 5
Current STA 40  


January 10th:

Gavvek, Human
   Stat Score Other
Strength/Stamina 50/50  
Dexterity/Reaction Speed 35/35  
Intuition/Logic 35/35  
Personality/Leadership 50/50  
Walking 10 m 269 Credits
Running 30 m  
Kph 5 Initiative Modifier: 4
Current STA 50