C is for Carrion Crawler

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C is for Carrion Crawler
LJN Toys' Carrion Crawler

Third of that short-lived, incomplete series once attempted (back in 3 November 2011, a late entry) of Monster Manual monsters in #watercolor: monsters of the alphabet. It's the carrion crawler, present in nigh every edition and iteration of the game.

Like the previous entry, this was also based on a #toy, this time something officially licensed: LJN Toys' bendable rubber critter.

You cannot but help to love a creature like the Carrion Crawler, which I coveted on its peg at the exactly one toy store I saw it in in the 1980s (one of those inexplicable memories which, for some reason, has never been vague).

The colors are engaging, and though mine may be missing a tentacle (either due to a mismolding or a previous owner pulling it off in a fit of boredom or pique), it means something.

And that something is: a bendable fantasy toy that eats carrion, a cross between a grub, centipede, and an impossible landsquid. There is no failure here, but pure multi-segmented success.