Have a Great Weekend

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While the third Nightmare Weekend Before Christmas gallery open house runs this Saturday, take into account that one of the best themes for Dallas in August came out 35 years ago:
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An arrival. #DnD  (Love the box it came in, Goodman Games!)

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These photos of painted metal-cast toy knights have a story.

12 December 2010:

Recently*, I painted some solid-cast lead toy soldiers and knights for a friend to sell in a craft show. 
 I really miss working with enamels. And how cool is it to help make toys, especially in a December?

That would be Brianne. This moment in 2010 was a rare moment where I was able to paint a little.

Dotted Knight

State of the Gallery: December 2019

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And so we come to the end of yet another year and another decade. (And please don’t start with how officially the Twenty-Teens end on December 31, 2020. You’re probably the sort who begged teachers for homework over holiday break, … Continue reading →

Enclosures: “Gyre” (2019)

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Galactic history is best described as flowing in waves, as major movements of all sorts leave huge amounts of flotsam to be dealt with those on the shore. Major expansions by new species qualify, as do wars that spread outside … Continue reading →
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A speed painting for March 18, 2013:

G is for Glaug Zentradi Battle Pod (aka Marauder in Battletech, but that doesn’t begin with G).

The pilot is a Micronauts Time Traveler, for which I am unapologetic.


Glaug Zentradi Battle Pod


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