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Right, well Thursday was quite a marathon. Deb had two appointments, Katie needed to shop for foods for xmas day (the whole famdamily is coming over in the AM) but Wal mart had no riding carts, so she hoofed the whole grocery section, which for her is dangerously exhausting, and not so easy on my legs either. wore them out, so they rested this afternoon, and I went on a galavant with Cindy, checked the mail in Palmer, and had coffee at the Valley Ho. so I didn't do much fun stuff today but a bit of internet, and a few more shrines on Breath of the Wild.

Theodore Hahn Toy soldiers
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What have I been doing on the site lately? I've added feeds as nodes, sorting remote RSS feeds within the "Front Page" aspect of Orc.One (I should think of a clever name to call this aspect had by most websites, through which you can click or tap to get further back into the past—a timeline?—nah, too trite). So far, there are two:

The Vigilance Campaign
and the
Texas Triffid Ranch

The Texas Triffid Ranch Occasional Newsletter and Feed Lot Clearance Sale – 12

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(The Texas Triffid Ranch Occasional Newsletter and Feedlot Clearance Sale is a regular Email newsletter, with archives available on the main TTR site at least a month after first publication. To receive the latest newsletters, please subscribe.) Originally published on … Continue reading →

Nightmare Weekends Before Christmas 2019: The Final Episode

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And it’s all come down to this: the final Triffid Ranch of 2019. The fourth and final Nightmare Weekend Before Christmas gallery open house for 2019 starts at 6:00 pm on Saturday, December 21, and ends when everyone goes home. … Continue reading →

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just got home an hour ago, ate some sammich for supper. we spent the day doing the Xmas thing; that is, we went to my great niece's dance recital, then enjoyed the company of Mom, and my brother's family at the showing of the Nutcracker ballet (Alaska theme edition), at the college theater. Fun, but I'm bushed.


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