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Christmas was fun, the kids were delightful, Deb loved her gifts, and I got some shiney new fun stuffs; a multilensed illuminated jeweler's binocular loupe for working on figures, some prince august band molds, and a new Hot Pot electric crucible for pouring lead, some cards for the book store and some cash to buy toy soldiers and books. hard thinking required now as I ponder the toy soldier purchase dejour...

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I couldn't sleep last night.

So I wrote a program in BASIC both for another blog post (using microcomputers for RPG assists) and for helping me roll up two-dozen NPCs for a D&D module I'm making, "The Jade Box" due 2020 because it's pretty difficult to write (it's not a dungeon crawl, exactly, but a mystery to solve). I posted the code in the forum for Game Development (since it counts), visible to site members. I've been thinking a lot about BASIC lately. It harkens back to a time when programming was much more accessible than it is now.

Making Christmas 2019

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The Nightmare Weekends Before Christmas may be over, but the Triffid Ranch never sleeps. For those getting off work early and in need of carnivorous plants, the gallery will be open on December 24 from 1:30 to 6:00 pm. Just … Continue reading →


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