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Well, I am confined to bed sick. Deb and Katie won't let me up except to pee or go to the doctor...since I am too sick to drive right now, My sister in law is taking me to urgent care tommorow. This does not improve my mood. However, Sunday I got shoptime, and finished the prep and priming work, including fixing Carl, so when I am better the Benson Hussars can be painted up and finished finally.

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Art like this reminds me why I really love Erol Otus' work. It's iconic, graphic, and I've always loved the colorful and cartoonlike approach to his fantasy art.

Pure, quintessential of a lot of 1970s and early 1980s fantasy art. (Scanned from the “Days of the Dragon” calendar for 1982.)

Erol Otus Blue Dragon 1981(From the Year of Dragon 1982 Calendar)
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Allow me to introduce Carl. There is always a Carl. This Carl decided to jump off the workbench and highdive onto the concrete floor...(no, Carl, it wasn't a Cee-Mint pond. Shut up now Carl)...Carl needs a lot of jb weld and glue now.


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