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November 2018: an earthquake knocks loose a piece of coralstone carved into a polygonal bookend, but, fortunately, an Atari 7800 console is there to break its fall.

The plastics: are ruined.

But the electronics are still functional.

But this year is a new day, and I am resolving to recover the console and restore it to a better-than-new state. The plastics are a wash. Time for something different, something original.

Atari 7800 smashed 1
Atari 7800 smashed 2
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Check out this post from Miller et al. concerning the Phylogeny of Pokémon:

I don't follow the Pokémon games myself (there are so many I would hardly know where to even begin), but a cladogram expressing (fictional) connections seems to answer a few questions. Obviously, more work remains to be done in this field.

I look forward to seeing further expansion of the groups, and seeing if newer Pokemon taxa shake these early trees up.


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