Have a Great Weekend

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The last weekend of the year, the last weekend of the Twenty-teens, 40 years since this song came out, and Caroline’s and my 17th wedding anniversary. Let the music commence.

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OMG, a really wonderful blog page on the ships from the MGM spectacle Ben-Hur! I saw a few of the background models at "Worlds of Fun" outside Kansas City, when I was about 8 years old...they captured my imagination and made me want to know more about movie magic... well check out these brilliant filming props; complete with sprung and working human models onboard...

Enclosure: “D-Ring” (2019)

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The galaxy is positively littered with artifacts, structures, and detritus from any number of otherwise cryptic civilizations, but the greatest mystery documented by the existing organizations endeavoring to track those archaeological sites involves what are commonly called “dimensional rings” found … Continue reading →

The Aftermath: Nightmare Weekends Before Christmas 2019

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With everything happening in November and December, many thanks to everyone who came out for the Nightmare Weekends Before Christmas, because it made all the difference. As always, we had a great crowd of interested bystanders, and plenty of folks … Continue reading →


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