The Texas Triffid Ranch Occasional Newsletter and Feed Lot Clearance Sale – 13

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(The Texas Triffid Ranch Occasional Newsletter and Feedlot Clearance Sale is a regular Email newsletter, with archives available on the main TTR site at least a month after first publication. To receive the latest newsletters, please subscribe.) Originally published on … Continue reading →

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After a number of years (seven, apparently)—and thanks to an ideal subject prompt requested from Grackleflint—I finally got around to doing the sixth letter of the monster alphabet. #watercolor

Not great, maybe, but … I've been away.

F is for Flumph

Have a Great Weekend

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Because as bad as January can get, we’re still a ways off from purple mohawks and bondage pants…so far.

The Aftermath: ReptiCon Dallas January 2020 – 3

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Among many other things, the ReptiCon Dallas show marks the beginning of a new decade for the Texas Triffid Ranch: we’re now a fifth of the way through the Twenty-First Century, so it’s time to act like it. For the … Continue reading →

The Aftermath: Repticon Dallas January 2020 – 2

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When coming out to a new event, placement may be everything, but that depends upon what you want to accomplish. Being completely unfamiliar with the venue for ReptiCon Dallas, two adjoining tables at one end of the hall seemed like … Continue reading →

Interlude: Chinese New Year at the Texas Triffid Ranch

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And so it begins: invitations for the Chinese New Year at the Texas Triffid Ranch open house on January 25 just went out: if you happen to be a member of the arts press, Dallas or elsewhere, who needs one, … Continue reading →


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